Not Just Another Gym

Our name says it all: we blend the best from all gyms and fitness systems by removing inefficient, dangerous exercises and equipment to produce plans that take all the nonsense and guesswork out of your workout routine.


Whether you're a cross-training athlete, runner, or someone who would like to stay or get into shape, we have classes and equipment to fit every fitness goal, timeslot, and experience level.


No glitz; no glamour; no isolation machines to sit down and get your "pump on." We will work all muscle groups using a plethora, yes Jefe*, a plethora of fitness equipment and exercises that get your heart rate up and your whole body dead tired. Every class will have a strength and conditioning coach to motivate you, while insuring that you’re moving fast, getting stronger, and learning proper form.


* 3 Amigos, El Guapo to Jefe.., come on you knew that one.

Membership Pricing

  • Unlimited Classes / Visits – $149/month
    (*-10% off, reg $175)


  • ​2 Visits per Week or Morning Only – $109/month
    (*-10% off, reg $119)


  • Drop-ins – $20


  • Punch Card (good for 10 visits) – $159

​All memberships are month-to-month. We offer Military, PD, FF, Subscription and Pre-Pay Discounts

About the Coach

Hi There, My name is Bryan Saunders, and I’m the founder and Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at FitBlender.


I've had a love affair with all-things fitness for a large chunk of my adult life. Like most gym-related stories, I made rookie mistakes and suffered through multiple injuries while trying to become jacked and muscular. Mistakes are great life lessons and through them, I learned how to get stronger without the painful down time injuries can cause.


It came together at Wareings Gym (the oldest fitness club in the U.S., and the best gym on Earth by far!), where I was lucky enough to have world-class coaches that mentored me and helped shape my view on fitness. I completely nerded out (and still do) on any and all reputable info I could find. Studying everything from anatomy to physiology and exercise science, I was able to set up new workout programs based on facts and realistic goals, while avoiding fad-based marketing nonsense.


Along the way, I coached and aided in the development of some of the finest professional fighters, as well as several professional athletes. Some were up and coming, while others were already established legendary champions. Though a passion, training elite athletes was not my calling. I wanted to get back to my roots and create programs for both the everyday athlete and people in need of time-sensitive and well-built workouts that produce results.


Since opening in 2013, FitBlender has grown into the ideal community-driven gym in Golden Hill. We have a strong membership of like-minded people and are always ready to welcome newcomers into the fold. Life is good!

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