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Private & Semi-Private Training Available

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It doesn't matter if you're an elite athlete or totally new to fitness altogether, you're guaranteed to find a class that challenges and meets your needs.


Every minute of every class has a strength and conditioning coach present to motivate you, monitor proper form, and ensure that you’re reaching your personal fitness goals. Simply come during your reserved time slot, follow the workout boards and matching screens, and listen for queues from the coach. (Post COVID Changes) : Every 30-45 minutes there will be 5 spots of the 4 daily classes/programs listed below open for reservation. You'll select the workout program you want to attend up to a week in advance via our check-in app. Don't worry, all of FitBlenders' Classes are scalable and coached so you'll never be left wondering how or what to do. Every Program can be made to fit any fitness goal.

Blend, Puree, Liquify 

Let's start with Blend: our foundational circuit class mixes time tested exercise with the most modern form and function. Utilizing bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, sandbags, cardio machines, isometric, and plyometric training to produce a balanced, full-body workout in a moderate-intensity environment. Blend is the best level for beginners... but it's by no means easy! All of our classes can be scaled to challenge any fitness level!

(Average duration: 30 to 45 minutes… a few crazy people do an hour or more!)


Next up, Puree: it’s Blend, but with a triple shot of espresso! This level of class keeps the heart racing with high-intensity intervals (HIIT) and/or The Tabata Protocol. With fewer breaks and more movement, Puree may leave you a sweaty, tired mess on the floor but you'll love every second of it. This level is for the more confident and experienced Blendee, but don't be scared to try it out. (Blend and Puree M-W-F 7a-8a and 4p-5:30p)

(Average duration: 25 to 40 minutes for Puree.)

Last but definitely not least, Liquify: every Liquify workout is designed for you vs yourself... or your personal gym rivals if you want. These classes are 3 separate but repeated weekly assignments to be completed and tracked so you'll get to see personal improvement every step of the way. (Tues+Thurs 7a-8a and 4p-5:30p)


(Average Liquify duration: 20 to 35 minutes + 15-minute warmup/cooldown.)

Crush: (Our Strength and Conditioning Program)

( Tues+Thurs: 7a-8a and 4p-5:30p, Sat: 10a )

Mixing modern strength training, metabolic conditioning, and functional bodybuilding to make an amalgam of set/rep tracked, traditional lifts, with nontraditional cardio, and pre-hab resulting in athletic strength, explosive power, lean muscle development, and cardio for days. With Crush, you'll never run out of ways to challenge your body to keep growing bigger, faster, stronger, and most importantly more functional.

(Average Crush duration: 35 to 55 minutes.)