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Private & Semi-Private Training Available

Please contact us for rates and more info 


It doesn't matter if you're an elite athlete or totally new to fitness all together, you're guaranteed to find a class that challenges and meets your needs.


Every minute of every class has a strength and conditioning coach present to motivate you, monitor proper form, and insure that you’re reaching personal fitness goals. Simply come in any time during class hours, follow the workout boards, and listen for queues from the coach.

Blend, Puree, Liquify

Three levels of intensity, every day, in every workout.


Let's start with Blend: the foundation with time tested lifts, mixed with the most modern form and function. Utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, and isometric and plyometric training, Blend is the best level for beginners… but it's by no means easy!


Next up, Puree: it’s like Blend, but with a triple shot of espresso! With less breaks and more movement, Puree will leave you a sweaty, tired mess on the floor. This level is for the more confident and experienced Blendee, but don't be scared to try it out.


Last but definitely not least, Liquify: adding more intensity, balance, and weight, Liquify is designed to be the hardest workout you'll love to do!


(Average duration: 30 to 45 minutes… a few crazy people do an hour!)

BeastMode and ZapGym

For those who love testing their mettle with hard work while seeing progress by the numbers, we offer this amalgam with more of a set/rep, traditional gym lifting, and power development style workout. With BeastMode, you'll never run out of ways to challenge your body to keep growing bigger, faster, and stronger.


(BeastMode is Tuesday + Thursday nights in the lifting deck area)



ZapGym is our latest program and is for those who love the old-school gym but hate trying to figure out their own workout. We use a single station and perfect science-filled plan to give you a workout that gets results. Currently, we’re testing this program with members who opt-in. If this is something that strikes your fancy, please ask your coach for more details.